What Are Some Occupational Hazards In Dentistry?

By Justin S. Eppler

Often, people think of a construction site or a blue-collar job which requires heavy lifting when they think about workplace accidents. However, these accidents can occur in all sorts of fields, and those who work in dentistry are exposed to many risks. In some cases, dental staff may be injured on the job, or they may suffer due to being exposed to a harmful chemical or gas. This could leave them unable to keep working for several weeks or indefinitely.

Material that was published by the National Institutes of Health sheds light on the many occupational hazards that dental staff face. Those who work in a dental office may be exposed to a number of risks on a daily basis, such as radiation, mercury, infectious disease and harmful gases. Dentists and dental staff may suffer psychological distress due to their job, and there are many physical hazards in dental offices as well. For example, a dental worker may slip and fall down on a wet surface or trip over a cord. Repetitive strain injuries are another concern.

These are just some of the risks that dental staff may encounter, and some could lead to an infection or injury that keeps them out of the workplace. When one is unable to work because of an injury or illness, financial problems may soon follow, and it is pivotal for people who are facing these hardships to think about the options they may have. Workers’ compensation has helped many people in the medical field recover from an injury that took place while they were performing their job duties.