Probate & Estate Administration Attorneys In Anchorage, Alaska

A Trusted Advocate Throughout The Complex Probate Process

After a loved one dies, probate is the legal process of settling that person’s affairs. If someone has named you as executor of an estate or an Alaskan court has appointed you as estate administrator, you have intense work ahead of you at a time when you are probably dealing with heavy emotions.

Each probate is unique, and the way your loved one prepared the estate will have a large effect on how probate proceeds. The Law Office of Justin S. Eppler, LLC, knows that the process of probate can be confusing and frustrating. Our lawyer is ready to answer your questions and to be your advocate at this difficult time.

How Long Is Probate?

This may be one of the most common questions we hear at our law offices. Since each estate has its own complexities, it is nearly impossible to give an exact length of time. However, barring complications, the average probate may take nine months to a year. That time involves the following elements:

  • Opening probate with the court

  • Locating heirs

  • Gathering, securing, and valuing assets

  • Notifying creditors and paying lingering debts

  • Seeking court approval to sell assets to cover debts

  • Filing tax returns for the deceased

  • Dealing with disputes about the will or other issues that lead to probate litigation

  • Distributing assets and transferring property titles according to the instructions of the deceased

Don't Face This Alone

Reach Out

If your loved one left no will, the law has a certain protocol you must follow. This may be especially difficult for your family. Our attorney is skilled in handling these and all other aspects of estate administration and probate, and we are eager to set your mind at ease and deal with the legal hassles for you.

Let Us Be Your First Step

Having an attorney in your corner during probate and estate administration can reduce the potential for missteps that can be costly to both the estate and you personally. We want to help you avoid these complications. Attorney Justin S. Eppler is available in any capacity you may need, from consultations to handling the entire process, including any probate disputes. Contact him by calling our Anchorage offices or using our discreet online form. We can handle your probate concerns while you focus on your family.