The Data For Workplace Injuries May Surprise Some In Alaska

By Justin S. Eppler

Anchorage’s employers are required to provide a safe workplace to their employees. When that does not happen, the potential for workplace injuries increases when compared to others who take the safety of their employees seriously. Even so, the data regarding on-the-job injuries may surprise some people.

Most people do not realize that somewhere in the United States, a worker suffers a workplace injury every seven seconds. Some of them are probably right here in Anchorage. That equates to around 510 injuries every hour and approximately 4.5 million a year.

Pain and soreness keep numerous workers at home. Strains, tears and sprains also top the list of common workplace injuries. Finally, punctures, cuts and lacerations round out the most common injuries suffered by employees.

It probably would not surprise anyone that slips, trips and falls account for about one-quarter of injury-causing accidents. Overexertion and contact with equipment and objects happen often as well. People who work in construction, manufacturing and transportation know their jobs are in the top five for injuries. Firefighters, police officers and others in this type of service industries also face serious risk of harm while at work.

With the odds against so many hard-working individuals, it can provide some peace of mind to know that workers’ compensation benefits could help with medical bills, lost income and more depending on the situation. Workplace injuries can range from relatively minor to severe and can even be deadly. When it becomes impossible to stay safe and avoid an on-the-job accident, knowing where to turn for support in obtaining these much needed benefits could alleviate at least some of the stress connected with it.