How A Lawyer Can Help With Your Estate Planning

By Justin S. Eppler

As you get to a point where you want to secure a future for your loved ones living in Alaska, you may be thinking about drafting a will and potentially setting up a trust. We at the Law Office of Justin S. Eppler, LLC have significant experience working in estate planning and we understand that there are a lot of ways to go about meeting your estate planning goals.

Lesser Known Elements of An Estate Plan

Planning for your eventual passing can be complex, involving dozens of decisions that can benefit from planning in advance. Did you know there is a specific kind of trust that focuses on accounting for any firearms you own? This is known as a gun trust. It is intended to maintain privacy for your owned weapons while ensuring any transference of ownership to your heirs is in accordance with federal law.

You can also draft a trust exclusively for your pets. Additionally, it may be prudent to plan for the possibility that you may become unable to make your own decisions later in life. An attorney can help you understand the difference between powers of attorney, guardianship and potentially other options.

Effective Planning Takes Time

A will isn’t just a document to draft and then set aside for years or decades. It is typically advised that the designations on wills and trusts be regularly updated in accordance with changes in life circumstances. An attorney can help you decide how to effectively plan for your unique estate, pursue your goals and update your plan as needed throughout the years.