Justin S. Eppler Dec. 3, 2018

When you’re not a full-timer, you don’t always get the same benefits as other workers. But what about when you get hurt?

There are some exceptions to when workers can and can’t qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Who Qualifies for Workers Comp?

Workers’ compensation isn’t exclusive to a category of employee types. That means you can still receive benefits even if you are a part-time, contract, full-time or freelance worker.

Generally, this because worker’s compensation is a type of insurance that helps companies avoid big liability lawsuit when an employee gets hurt. On the flip side, it also helps wounded employees get the compensation they need for a full recovery — no matter who was at fault for the accident.

What Circumstances Qualify for Workers Comp?

While workers’ compensation benefits may not be exclusive to any one type of worker, they are exclusive to “workplace injuries.” So, if you’re a freelance worker and not actually at the worksite, you wouldn’t be able to receive workers’ compensation for an injury you received in your home while working remotely.

Similarly, work parties or other leisure functions do not count as circumstances relating to work if you are injured at them. Before making a claim, a workers’ compensation attorney can advise whether your unique circumstance would qualify as a workplace injury that’s eligible for benefits.

What Jobs Do Not qualify?

The type of worker you are may not matter, but the job you do could. Certain jobs are exempt for workers’ compensation, meaning by law, their employer does not have to purchase and/or offer the workers’ comp insurance to them.

The following are a few of the jobs that are not entitled to workers’ compensation in Alaska:

  • Those who clean

  • Part-time babysitters

  • Contract entertainers — such as a comedian or piano player

  • Part-time agriculture workers — including those who help harvest

  • Sports officials or coaches for sports in which the players are not paid

  • Commercial fishermen

  • Taxicab drivers

Do I Qualify for Workers Compensation?

To learn more about whether you qualify for workers’ compensation, talk to a skilled attorney about the specifics of your situation. A lawyer can help you file a claim properly and fight for you if your claim is denied.