Justin S. Eppler Feb. 13, 2019

Alaskan winters can be absolutely brutal. Yet, residents need to keep working to pay their monthly bills. During this slippery, snowy time, it’s easy to get into an accident.

Here are your options if you do.

In the Parking Lot

According to Alaska workers’ compensation law, employment begins only when the worker reaches the entrance of the business. That means if you slip and fall in your employer’s parking lot, it may be difficult to gain workers’ compensation for the incident.

However, with a good defense, it may be possible in some cases where the employer has neglected to make the premises safe within a reasonable amount of time.

On the Job

If you make deliveries, you’ll likely need to traverse icy, snowy walkways on private property. Truckers may also need to brave slippery surfaces while unloading their vehicle, stopping for food, or filling up on gas. In either situation, a slip and fall accident should be compensated by your employer.

On the Roads

Slippery services could easily lead to a car accident. If you get into one while driving to or from work, you won’t be eligible for compensation. However, if your work requires you to drive, such as being a door-to-door salesperson or making deliveries, you may be able to receive compensation for injuries you sustain in a crash.

Make the Call when You Take a Fall

If you’ve been injured at work due to slippery surfaces or any other accident, consulting with an attorney can help you learn more about your options for handling the case. A lawyer can advise how to file your claim and what to do to get compensation if your claim is denied.