Comprehensive Protection for Your Elder Years

As you grow older, you are aware that your life is changing. You may be unable to do things you did when you were younger, and you recognize that you will slow down even more as years pass.

Whether you are seeking assistance with a legal issue or you are ready to take steps now to protect yourself when you are more vulnerable, the Law Office of Justin S. Eppler, LLC, is here to assist you. We are proud of the work we have done for the aging citizens in all parts of Alaska.

Are You Financially Prepared?

If you expect to rely on Medicaid to sustain you in your later years, it is important to understand the rules and income limits that govern this program and to make plans now for protecting your assets. Many make the mistake of transferring their assets to loved ones to qualify for Medicaid and wind up paying penalties. Let us help you find the most appropriate plan for your circumstances, for example:

  • A Miller trust: This irrevocable trust pays you a monthly allowance for your personal needs first, then contributes to your nursing care expenses.

  • A supplemental (special) needs trust: A loved one can establish this trust to help you pay for expenses government programs do not cover.

Attorney Justin Eppler is committed to helping you arrive at the difficult times ahead with the resources you need.

It’s Not Just About Assets

In addition to assisting you with your estate planning needs, attorney Justin S. Eppler is a fierce advocate for victims of mistreatment because of their age or declining health. He is a skilled litigator, representing those who have suffered from financial exploitation, neglect, and physical or emotional abuse by a nursing home staff or caregiver.

We also offer compassionate guidance when an elderly loved one may need a guardian to manage health care decisions or a conservator to manage financial decisions. These can be difficult times for families, and disputes are common. It is our aim to help you through in the gentlest manner possible.

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