Jackey has worked in the Alaska Workers’ Compensation field as a paralegal and a licensed workers’ compensation adjuster for approximately 30 years.

Jackey earned her BA in Business Administration along with a paralegal certificate. As a paralegal, Jackey has experience on both the plaintiff’s side as well as the defense side. She is very familiar with the strategies and tactics that employers and insurers use to protect their interests and utilizes this experience to help our team get the best possible results for our clients. As an adjuster and supervisor of adjusters, Jackey handled and supervised caseloads of over 1200 claims at any one time. She served as Vice President of workers’ compensation claims for an adjusting firm and is approved by the Alaska Division of Insurance to teach continuing education courses to Alaska adjusters. She has taught courses several times to local adjusters, self-insured entities in Alaska, and to national insurance companies and employers. Jackey also has experience providing auditing services to self-insured entities in the State of Alaska including local boroughs and school districts and has been qualified as an expert witness in workers’ compensation cases in the Alaska Superior courts.